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A Cost of Quality (CoQ) program is invaluable in avoiding costly occurrences created by quality failures. Health Strategic Solutions’ programs emphasize prevention as an investment in cost avoidance.

Cost of Quality programs can be an extremely powerful tool in controlling costs and proactively managing risk associated with insufficient quality measures. Issues with quality can be devastating to both the bottom line and the reputation of your organization.


Quality and safety pays for itself in the long run. Either you pay up front in the planning, or risk paying for it in fines or lawsuits for injuries to patient, visitors, or staff.

Tom Kozlowski | Founder & President, HSS

HSS is here to work with you to assess and manage your Cost of Quality programs.

A Cost of Quality (CoQ) Program aligns your facility’s financial goals with your quality efforts to help meet profitability targets.

The Six Surges of Healthcare Associated Infection

HSS leverages a network of professionals with experience working for healthcare organizations, such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC)  and the World Health Organization (WHO), which ensures the creation of your optimal CoQ program.

Specifically, we focus on 6 surges of infection that can cost lives and waste resources if not proactively prevented. Beyond the CoQ evaluation, any of these topics can be integrated into a customized educational program.

Catheter-associated infections (blood and urine)

Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP)

Surgical site infections (SSI)

Covid 19 preparedness planning

Clostridioides difficile infection

Multi-drug resistant organism infection

A Wide Variety of CoQ Options

We can help with a wide range of Cost of Quality programs, including evaluation of pressure-controlled isolation facilities, negative pressure rooms, antibiotic stewardship programs and more. Get in touch to talk to us about your needs.

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