Risk Assessments

Health Strategic Solutions has years of international experience in hospital assessments under its belt, including the completion of thousands of risk assessments. We have a library of tools for virtually any risk assessment, and you can rest assured that we can create the right assessment for your specific needs.

From infection control (including COVID-19 mitigations) to facility construction, HSS identifies risk and provides actionable recommendations to mitigate that risk. It is common for management and staff to not notice hazards or opportunities for improvement as they busily care for patients and keep operations running. A fresh set of trained eyes is exactly what’s needed.


Sometimes during safety walk arounds I may point out and address more than 200 potential environmental considerations ranging from building design to process redesign, all to make it more efficient.

Tom Kozlowski | Founder & President, HSS

Some recommended changes are very small and simple, for example, relocation of furniture. Other recommendations may be more involved, like a redesign of patient flow through the Emergency Room.

No matter the assessment, you are empowered with information and recommendations that can increase satisfaction, improve safety and optimize cost efficiency.

HSS will curate the optimal set of quality management tools that leverage industry standards, from organizations such as IHI, in combination with custom tools tailored to meet your needs. This specialized approach allows hospital leadership and clinical teams to evaluate, prioritize, and consider both feasibility and budget constraints for each risk factor.

The Six Basic Areas of Safety Evaluation


Infection Control


Slips and Falls


Medication Errors


Security Management


of Behavioral and Emotional Risks and Injuries


Patient Handling

Infectious Disease Risk Assessment

There has been no time in recent history in which infectious disease risk was more top-of-mind. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to put healthcare workers and staff at risk. Is your facility taking every possible precaution?

Our clients receive a personalized risk assessment toolset that facilitates signal processing and allows them to address risks in the following ways:

Follow a proactive process that can mitigate risk

Drive discussions that lead to the creation of multidisciplinary teams

Use an evidence-based design (EBD) approach to identify solutions

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